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Disclaimer: We do not necessarily speak these languages and so cannot ensure the accuracy of the translations. However, our anesthesia colleagues who are competent in each language have done these translations. Please read the manual first and make sure it is clear and accurate in your language, and for your setting. Of note, given the time needed for translations, other language versions will often be based upon an English version slightly older than the latest. In addition, please see the general disclaimer.

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Please click a language below to download a pdf manual in that language. Some other languages are in progress. *If you do not see the language you desire here, and are an anesthesiologist with experience in crisis checklists, you may email us with your proposed language and your qualifications at EMadminanes@lists.stanford.edu.

NOTE:  Many of the translations listed below are from the prior version 3. Version 4 of the English manual to launch fall 2021 and translations are in progress. This mobile version is an interactive pdf so that you can quickly jump to and from crises events and table of contents.

Chinese Manual

Chinese (Mandarin) translation by Jeffrey Huang (Anesthesiologists of Greater Orlando & University of Central Florida) and Hui Zhang (School of Stomatology, The Fourth Military Medical University, Xi’an, China).

Dutch Manual

Eveleens FM, Koers L, Schuppen van JL, Schlack WS, Preckel B.

Koers L, Eveleens FM, Eberl S, Stevens MF, Schlack WS, Preckel B.

French Manual

Traduction française par M. Kurrek1,2, P. Zetlaoui 3, P. Trouiller 4, G. De Saint Maurice 5, Y. LeManach 6, M. Lefebvre-Lanquetin 2, Q. Vidal 2, T. Geeraerts 2, V. Minville 2 L. Bosch 2, L. Ligneres 2, C. Halimi 2, C. Dilasser 2, K. Arandel 2, C. Ba 2, AC Dupuy 2, F. Leca 2, L. Mattera 2, M. Pichon 2, C. Septembre 2et Olivier Fourcade 2
[1.Université de Toronto, Canada 2.CHU Toulouse, France 3.CHU Bicêtre 4.Hôpitaux Universitaires Paris Sud 5.Hôpital d’instruction des armées Percy, Clamart 6.Université McMaster, Hamilton, Canada]

German Manual

Übersetzung auf Deutsch von Matt Kurrek 1, Peter Kranke 2, Christian Klein 2,Larissa Mayer2 and Maximilian Kippnich 2
1. Universität Toronto, Kanada 2. Julius Maximilians Universität Würzburg (Direktor: Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Norbert Roewer)

Korean Manual

Korean translation by: Karam Nam, Ho Geol Ryu, Seok-Ha Yoo, Chae-Won Lim, Young-Eun Jang of Department of Anesthesiology, Seoul National University Hospital

Portuguese Manual

Traducao para o portugues por Raphael Matheus, Anestesiologista da Universidade Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brasil. Revisado por Pedro Tanaka, Anestesiologista da Stanford University School of Medicine, Stanford, USA.

Spanish Manual

Traducción al español por Javier Webar (1), Rodrigo Rubio (2). 1- Anestesiólogo, UDEC / Hospital Guillermo Grant Benavente, Concepción, Chile. 2- Facultad de Medicina UNAM ; Hospital ABC, ciudad de México, Mex.

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