Implementation Tips

Provided in the toolkit below are a customizable implementation roadmap, broad considerations for clinical implementation, modifiable training resources, and answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding implementation experience at Stanford, Harvard, and many other early-adopting institutions. These are provided in the context of a detailed literature search, iterative simulation testing of perioperative cognitive aids that started at Stanford in the late 1980s, and tips from many leading institutions that have implemented during the past decade. Please note that each institution is different and successful methods at one may not always apply to all. We look forward to hearing about your experiences, challenges, and successes.

Why Implement?

Reasons institutions should institute an emergency manual (supported by published literature in multiple fields).

  • Medical simulation studies show that integrating an emergency manual into the operating room results in better management during critical events.
  • Pilots and nuclear power plant operators use similar cognitive aids for emergencies and rare events.
  • During a critical event, the stacks of relevant literature are rarely accessible.
  • Memory worsens under stress and distractions interrupt our planned actions.
  • Expertise requires significant repetitive practice, so none of us are experts in every emergency.
  • Below, there’s a 10 minute video for leaders on why and how to implement Emergency Manuals.

Printing Tips / Order a Sample

Check out here how to order (a sample of bulk order)  from the printing company we used for user-friendly large hanging versions for operating rooms. You can also print these yourself anywhere you want. We do not sell these directly, nor profit from their sale.

Printing tips page:

Permissions Customization

Click here to learn more about how to modify for your local institution:

Implementation Toolkit

The global Emergency Manuals Implementation Collaborative created a full Implementation Toolkit, along with training resources: 

Implementation Video

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