Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order the Stanford Emergency Manual?

Refer to the Order/Print page for information on how to order the emergency manual.

What permissions do we need to use the Stanford Emergency Manual and can we customize?

Refer to the Customization & Permissions section on our downloads page for more information.

How do I download on a mobile device or tablet?

Refer to the Mobile download section of our downloads page for more information.

What if I’m having trouble downloading?

Please contact your IT department for help.
If they are unable to help you, contact us at:

How do I appropriately cite the Stanford Emergency Manual: Cognitive Aids for Perioperative Critical Events?

Refer to the Appropriate Citation section of our downloads page for instructions.

How do I download the Crisis Resource Management (CRM) teaching handouts?

CRM pages are  near the back of Emergency Manual PDF, or for simulation courses/educators refer to our Download page where  you’ll also have the option to download a packet of CRM teaching handouts.

What disclaimers should I know about?

Refer to the Disclaimer section on our downloads page for information.

What are some good approaches to implementing the emergency manual at my site?

Refer to the Implement page  for tips and links to good resources to support customization of content to match local practice, training with Emergency Manuals, and overall good implementation practices.

What if my question was not answered yet?

If your question is NOT answered above, Contact Us.   For download problems only, please contact your Tech Support and if still unable to download, contact our tech support: For other inquiries contact the SACAP group:

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