You may print the cost-free downloadable PDF anywhere you want for local use.


However, many institutions and simulation centers have asked Stanford Anesthesia Cognitive Aid Program how to order copies of an optimized physical Emergency Manual. We are not financially connected at all, but after many requests, we provide below detailed information from the printer we used or feel free to print your own copy anywhere.

The information below is from Alpha Graphics.


AlphaGraphics San Francisco has produced a printed Emergency Manual that meets the specific criteria the Stanford team defined, and has been in use in all Stanford hospitals’ anesthetizing locations since 2012, with iterative improvements. There is no financial relationship, and you should contact Alpha Graphics San Francisco with any questions, orders, or requests for samples at:

The specific criteria are:

  • Durability and ability to resist damage due to liquid exposure
  • Wipeability
  • Low flammability
  • The manual must be able to be hung from a hook +/- tethered to a chain to ensure proper storage and a radius of flexible usage.
  • Ability to quickly find covers by having a tactile ability to identify those pages in high pressure, time-sensitive situations.

By using digital print technology, they can customize front cover emergency numbers, general phone numbers page, and local Hemorrhage procedures (Event 14) for each specific institution.

Their printed manuals use a durable plastic coil binding, along with a laminated hanging strip with an (MRI-compliant) brass grommet for easy hanging. For future updates or page additions, these coil bindings can be removed and replaced by any local printer (eg FedEx), often less than $5, or they can be rebound by hand in-house with readily available plastic coils and a coil crimping tool.

By using a combination of front and back cover laminated pages along with state-of-the-art synthetic paper, they have achieved a balance of usability based on the above criteria, while making it cost-effective for widespread deployment.


You may order a sample for $27 plus shipping.

Quantity Pricing
10 – 49 $54 per book plus shipping and tax
> 50 $49 per book plus shipping and tax
> 500 Please contact Alpha Graphics below

Ordering Contact Information

Please contact Alpha Graphics directly for more information or to Order a Sample at or 415-781-4910 and ask for Andre. Please note that AlphaGraphics is a nationwide network of print centers but this Emergency Manual is only available specifically from AlphaGraphics San Francisco

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