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This FREE perioperative Emergency Manual contains 26 crises as well as Crisis Resource Management key points. It has been iteratively tested with simulation over more than a decade, and with feedback from clinical uses, along with full content and design revamp in 2021.

See backmatter ‘Emergency Manual Use’ (#28) and Implementation/Use on website for helpful design overview, implementation, use tips, etc.


The material in this Manual is not intended to be a substitute for sound medical knowledge and training. Clinicians using this Manual should use their clinical judgment and decision making for patient management. Since treatment for the medical conditions described in this Manual can have variable presentations, departure from the information presented here is encouraged as appropriate.

Mobile Download Information

If you download the interactive emergency manual to an iDevice with iBooks, it will give you option to ‘Save to iBooks’ so you can view pdf anywhere. Similarly, Android and other mobile device users can save as PDF on that device.

Customization & Permission – Yes!

Research supports that local customization of cognitive aids is helpful for many reasons. We allow all needed modifications for use at your local institution, without further permissions.

  • You should keep original authorship attribution and add ‘Adapted By ___.’
  • For more than minor PDF modifications or local phone list for back cover, we suggest requesting our original InDesign file: Email:
  • We are not responsible for any errors introduced and caution that there are usability cons to adding too much information.
  • No derivatives may be shared beyond local use without explicit permission (e.g. translations or hospital systems that contact us first), and all use must be non-commercial.

We use Creative Commons 4.0 International Licensing, With Attribution, Non-Commercial, and No Derivatives;
See details at

Appropriate Citation

Stanford Anesthesia Cognitive Aid Program,* Emergency Manual: Cognitive aids for perioperative crises, Version 4, 2021. See for latest version. Creative Commons BY-NC-ND ( *Goldhaber-Fiebert SN, Austin N, Sultan E, Burian BK, Burden A, Howard SK, Gaba DM, Harrison TK.

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